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❝ Your blog is so fierce! ah! i'm in love! ❞

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❝ Love your blog! I sooo understand all of your posts! Keep posting please! ❞


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❝ i just found your blog and omg its awesome i love you ❞



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❝ I was so excited to see Hrithik and Kareena back in Shuddhi, but now it's not happening. I'm sad. ❞

 ik ik ik ik ik ik


Katrina Kaif:

"Wait Are Shahrukh Khan And Kajol Marr-


How You Feel After Finally Finding A Pirated Bollywood Movie Online

and its in hd…

Seeing All The New Bollywood Fashions And Making Notes

"Isn’t This The 5th Time You’re Watching Veer Zaara…….today?

When You Think A Bollywood Movie Is Boring And You Start To Walk Away

bur then suddenly: