Relatable Bollywood
*Relatable Bollywood moments every Bollywood fan out there can enjoy*
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  • Sometimes I think I could be a Bollywood actress.
    Then I accidentally see myself in the mirror.

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  • That Moment When The Bollywood Movie Finishes

    and then you realize how sad your life is

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  • Other Girls:

    "OMG I hope he gives me his number"
    “I hope he’s set the roses to fall on me at the right angle while having a band suddenly appear and play while he sings and casually tangles his watch in the sari fabric of the sari that I omg just happen to be wearing while it rains. You know. The usual.”

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  • When Your Friends Beg You To Let Them Hear What A Bollywood Song Sounds Like

    you’re like:

    and they end up loving it so much the next time you see them they’re like:

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  • Watching Bollywood Movies During PMS

    it goes from:


    in the same scene

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